At Zumin we distribute orange juice extractors and food supplies.

The Management declares that the Quality and
Environment Policy of the company is based on the
following principles:



Assure our client’s satisfaction regarding the quality of our work and the strict fulfillment of the contracted services. For this, we get involved with our workers and suppliers.



Involve all parties involved and develop a participatory management that benefits from the skills and capacities of all employees.



Orient management towards an efficient service with the help of the human resources, tools and materials necessary for the completion of the job.



Further inform, train and motivate our workers daily for a permanent and improving participation.



Evaluate and improve the quality of the services we offer our clients. We demand ourselves to constantly improve in accordance to with the requirements we have to fulfill.



Make sure we fulfill the legal requirements that apply to us and any other requirement regarding quality and environment, thus preventing possible faults or contamination resulting from our activity.



Identify, evaluate and control the environmental impact resulting from the services we provide that can cause contamination.



Establish quality and environment objectives and goals that are coherent with the company purposes that we will examine at least once a year.

*ZUMIN S.L. managers are responsible firstly, for constantly watching over these principles so that they are present in every internal activity of the company, and our external relations: clients, suppliers and society more broadly; secondly, for providing the company with the resources necessary for the achievement of the planned objectives and constant improvement.

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