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Soft drinks, oil, side dishes.

Iced tea: Refreshing and tasty. 5 varieties. Brand Zentea.
Sparkling water: Brand Fuente Primavera. Several formats.
Upgrade: The healthiest energetic drink, two flavours.
Oil: High performance cooking oil special for catering services.
Margarine: cooking margarine, soft flavour, brand Azolia.
Olive oil: Extra Virgin Olive Oil of an exquisite taste, Designation of Origin Sierra de Segura (Jaen). Perfect for dressing Fuenroble salads. Also, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and balsamic vinegar brand Iberitos.
Unit doses: Virgin olive oil, vinegar and cachuela cream as unit doses for the table, brand Iberitos.
Peanuts: Valencian peanuts slightly salted to serve as a side dish.
Rice: Bomba rice brand Sivaris.

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Té fíoKit 5 cajas
Té calientecaja de 15 uds.
Aceite fritura25 l.
Aceite fritura essential10 l.
Margarina2 kg.
Aceite de Oliva 10 ml.340 uds. (monodosis)
Vinagre224 uds. (monodosis)
Cachuela 25 gr.450 uds. (monodosis)
Aceite de Oliva 250 ml.Caja 24 uds.
Vinagre añejo 250 ml.Caja 24 uds.
Vinagre balsámico 250 ml.Caja 24 uds.
BotelleroCaja 20
Leche condensada stick.240 uds.
Leche condensada 900 gr.Sirve fácil
Leche condensada1kg.
Allioli sobre 18 gr.140 uds. (monodosis)
Allioli 10 gr.250 uds. (monodosis)
Allioli cubo2 l.
Allioli sirve fácil820 ml.
AllioliTarro 200 ml.
Salsa Barbacoa sirve fácil950 gr.
Salsa Barbacoa 10 gr.252 uds. (monodosis)
Salsa Barbacoa 45 gr.Caja de 40 uds.
Salsa César sirve fácil820 ml.
Salsa César cubo2 l.
Salsa D-luxe tarrina 40 gr.Caja de 40 uds.
Ketchup garrafa1900 ml.
Ketchup 10 gr.252 uds. (monodosis)
Mostaza garrafa1900 ml.
Mostaza amarilla 5gr378 uds. (monodosis)
Mayonesa casera 10 gr.252 uds. (monodosis)
Mayonesa820 ml.
Salsa miel y mostaza820 ml.
Salsa Kebab white250 ml.
Ajonesa250 ml.
Ajonesa820 ml.
AjonesaTarro 200 ml.
Salsa Patatas Bravas1000 ml.
Salsa Cheddar Cubo1 l.
Tomate Natural Rallado1100 gr.



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