We provide several food items for breakfast

Milkshakes, biscuits, hot chocolate and other breakfast items.

Natural orange juice: Fresh pressed natural orange juice.
Caramel biscuits: Amaze your senses with the caramel flavour, the strong cinnamon scent and the original spoon shape of this biscuit. Brand Crispins.
Milkshakes: Refreshing drink in several flavours: chocolate, strawberry, vanilla… Brand Crispins.
Let’s Chocolaat: Hot chocolate in sachets (25 gr.), 10 delicious varieties, brand Crispins.
Evertea: Selection of 8 different tea flavours.
Condensed milk: for coffee and dessert in a 1 kg format. Brand La niña de Canarias.

Formats / sizes / model | See chart.
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Zumo naranja1 l.
Zumo frutaspack de 12 uds.
Bebida de Aloepack de 12 uds.
Caramel Biscuit200
Galleta caramelo Crispins 4gr.500
Hotchoc blanco y blanco + fruta25
Hotchoc clásico + frutas y hotchoc dark25



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